• Bill Campana 2018 Holiday Bundle

Said Beauty to the Blues

Pages (Print Edition): 140
Format(s): Paperback
Genre: Poetry
ISBN-10: 1938190173
ISBN-13: 9781938190179
A poetry tour de force, Bill Campana has done what few poets could ever dream of in writing sharp, entertaining poetry that doesn’t cater to anyone but is enjoyed by all. A veteran of the 1990’s poetry slam movement, Said Beauty to the Blues proves Bill is a writer of many styles and ideas. In his live performances, he comes at you like a machine gun of short, powerful  linguistic observations. Having this book gives you the opportunity to give each piece its due.

The Ragtime of Modern Living

Pages (Print Edition): 114
Format(s): Paperback
Genre: Poetry
ISBN-10: 1938190262
ISBN-13: 978-1938190261
Bill Campana returns with his second book of poetry. In addition to his already renown wit and poetic style, Mr. Campana add a healthy dose of humor with the first collection of his Deviant Words. If you loved Said Beauty to the Blues, this collection will fit right in to your poetry collection.

flotsam and gomorrah (parlour tricks and other mysteries)

Pages (Print Edition): 168
Format(s): Paperback
Genre: Poetry
ISBN-13: 978-1938190414
ISBN-10: 1938190416
Always the wizard with words, Bill Campana releases his 4th book of poetry filled with observations of the folly of man, Haiku sharp enough for a sewing machine and the first ever released collection of Deviant Words, which you'll just have to read to believe.

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Bill Campana 2018 Holiday Bundle

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